The system is built to make your home gardening easier and simpler

  • Building a Garden@Home system is simple and fun. We believe that supply clear and simple instructions will make customer more satisfied. Therefore, in the DIY page you can find clear and easy instructions with tips how to “paint” your wall green
  • The Garden@Home system was developed to be attached almost everywhere on your wall or guardrail. For this, we prepared samples of optional setup and ability we show in the MODULAR page
  • With a high quality material, UV protection and no compromise in the manufacture procedure, we bring you a vertical garden that lasting for years
  • Attaching the dripping system is easy, the pipes are hidden and go thru the poles. This will allow you to connect your vertical garden to water supply without having irrigate each planter separately
  • If there is no water supply around, you can find on the ACCESSORIS page more solutions like our “Water collector” that bring you the option to fill water in one point and connect it to the dripping system
  • We do have more functional solutions and many more will come soon
  • The planter was built to avoid water overflow (up to certain quantity) and to collect excess water in the base tray. When the sand gets dry, excess water in the base tray moisturizes the sand back

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